Plans, Planning, Planned

The going has been a bit slow on the renovations.  Have you ever made plans, and I mean really good plans?  These are the kind of plans that seem fool proof and so full of hope that they can’ help but come true?  Well, my family and I made those plans and life gets in the way! My parents took a business trip out to the coast to see family friends and retrieve our boat from the shop.  The poor thing hasn’t seen water action, without a break, in a year or so.  It hasn’t been in the lake in over four…  Well, the boat comes back without being fixed and a tire blows.

On the freeway, cars buzzing all around and just trying to get to Raleigh, North Carolina they have to shovel out surprise money to get it.

After a small rumble from my emotionally charged life my mother and boyfriend, Stephen, have helped me to get back on track!

So, in a fit of being productive we worked on the one thing I will make the theme of this blog. Whether it’s renovation, life, or a job always, always, always

Prep Your Space and Plans

My dad spends a lot of his time asking for tools and fumbling for the right wrench to get the job done.  Twenty five percent of our time spent “renovating” is digging to find the right tool.  Give yourself a break and organize.

Mom and I spent our time cleaning out the old dining room that will be a library. Take a look:

This is the library before.  As you can see there is a ton of furniture, a bed, windows, a microwave a lot of junk.  The house is in the shape of a circle and this is the next space to tackle and get the window in.  The carpet has been “abused” by the dogs, if you know what I mean, so there is a dingy smell all about it. I wasn’t sure how much space and how much hope could be pumped into the room.





Check out the difference! With the help of my brother, John, and my sister-in-law,  Chrissy, we moved the china cabinet on the right.

Mom and I moved the rest of the furniture out, gave plenty of boxes to our local Care Net and then removed the dingy carpet.  The floor beneath is rough and in need of some patching.  However, the smell was removed by pouring a healthy amount of bleach on the floor and using the easily accessed door for ventilation.

Now we all have room to move around in the house and tackle this room.

If you’re removing old carpet it may leave behind some residue.  Many carpets come with foam padding and any exposure to a wet climate, spills, and pet messes can cause a problem over time.  The padding can eventually stick to the floor.  If you’re pulling out carpet to give your home a new look and run into this problem, do yourself a favor and get this tool:

   This is a basic floor scraper.  You can pick this up at your local hardware store for about $10-$15.  The blade allows you to pull up the foam that is stuck to the floor without  harming any flooring that is beneath.

So, be excited to find the hardwood that might be lurking beneath your sixties shag rug!




Today’s lesson is: prepare your space.  If you are going to be renovating for a long time and are able to “set up shop” then do so with organization.  Know where your tools are and have them easily accessible.  We used an old shelf to organize all our tools and we cleaned up the rooms we will be working in tomorrow.

As always, thanks for reading.  Look for results of tomorrow’s project as well as how to strip a door with very little hassle.

Do you have any DIY questions, concerns?  What about ideas?  Do you have an idea for our renovation project?



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