About Me


My name is Anna Fay and I am about to graduate from college with a hefty debt on my hands.  Pursuing a job that offers limited pay I need a place to quickly land on my feet but with enough pizazz that I don’t sacrifice much.  I consider my living costs to be low and my flair for fashion and style to be even lower.  I’m going to need a lot of help and ideas to get through the do it yourself affair that I’ve found myself in.

My parents, John and Arnie, have been the best people in my life.  They are two loving parents that know when and how to support their kids.  They’ve never missed a sporting event, theater performance, or marching band event.  They’ve been to every ceremony and every other important event you can think of for a kid.  At age 22 I am still their little girl, only now I am the little girl that knows how to use power tools and drink a beer when the summer gets hot.

Together we are going to create a house more than welcoming and fun.  We’ll do it at half the cost you’ll see with any contractor, television show, or magazine.


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