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What Not to Do


This is what not to do when cutting drywall…

This might be a little shocking but, cutting with a razor can be dangerous-especially when you aren’t following your teaching.  As you can see my one finger is bandaged pretty well and the other with a band-aid.  What you can’t see is a tiiiiny cut on my palm as well.


Dad: “You must have liked it so much you kept doin’ it.  Jeez girl.”

Mom: “Oh, John, she’s a bleeder.  She’s a bleeder.”

Dad: “If it doesn’t stop we have to go to urgent care…”

Mom: “She doesn’t like doctors… They won’t stitch it, they won’t stitch it…”


After fifteen minutes they stopped the bleeding, threw triple antibiotic cream on it and a band-aid.

So here are some truly helpful tips for putting up drywall:

1. Don’t push too hard with the razor blade.  On the edges it can loose control.
2. You never need to cut all the way through the drywall, it snaps when cut halfway through.
3. Always measure your piece on and try to patch it together, make fits as close as you can but have some patching putty nearby.

Hopefully this will follow by a real drywall post.  Unfortunately I was out of the DIY business this weekend!


PS: the new nickname from the family is Slice… Oh Lord.


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