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Somebody Call Jim Morrison back…

We’re fixing a door frame, getting a new door, and trying to recover an old door.

The back door, if you recall from previous pictures, needs a little help.  The door is still good but the frame has shifted and the door likes to stick when it closes.  This weekend was a quick fix dampened by rain and obstacles.

We removed the door from the frame and found a mess waiting for us beneath the door and the linoleum tile.  The floorboard wasn’t protected correctly by the metal frame that is supposed to support proper drainage.  Years of allowing this to go free has caused a ton of molding and rotten wood. Yikes!

To the right in this picture you can see where we cut the frame to remove the molded damage and the floor in front of my legs is completely rotten.  This project wasn’t looking to promising or helpful.

Venting aggression we began ripping out floorboards and tearing through the messy pieces that refused to come up.

Here I am using a Dremel to cut out the rotten wood.  If you haven’t heard of a “Dremel” I would check outthe “Dremel” website. It is a handheld rotary tool that serves many purposes; cutting through metal, small pieces of wood, rotten boards, sanding, drywall, etc.  This tool has saved our life in this project and many others.  Whether you’re doing a complete restoration or you need a handy cutting tool for crafting, this is the tool for you! The website is stocked with plenty of project ideas such as: decorative, practical, wood working, lawn and garden, etc.  Definitely check it out! (I LOVE this tool!)

When we cut out the rotten wood we all noticed that the condition of the frame wasn’t as bad as we thought.  With thunder rumbling overhead we need to hurry and wrap up our project.

The floor is uneven and without a baseboard.  To make our job easier we need to make the floor level.  We measured our gap width and height and cut a board to fit the gap between the deck and the mudroom.  We had to shim the left and right side where we cut out the rot and then nailed it down.

Shims are useful for any project and it is always great to have them around.  When putting in windows, doors, or leveling any project you need shims to bring your project to perfect level.  When putting in a door or a window you also want to make sure that the frame you are working with is level (horizontal evenness) and plum (vertical evenness).  If it isn’t level you’re going to run into a nightmare!

With the floor level and the sides plum we packed up for the day and avoided the rain!

Check back later this week on how learn how to strip a door and bring a whole new look to your room!


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