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Holy Cow, a Bathroom!

Hello everyone!

It has been a very busy week.  I am steamrolling through some lesson plans, cleaning the house, spending time with loved ones, and really catching up on my photography.  I feel the crunch as the end of summer is coming so I am soaking up all that I can.

However, that hasn’t stopped me from finishing the bathroom.  You heard it, the bathroom is finished with only a few very minor aches and pains to finish up.  Check it out!

Check out the major difference!

The original picture is not the original bathroom.  The tile was not there, it was a blue carpet dingy mess.  It was caked with dog urine and years of dust.  The board around the tub wasn’t there either.  It was a white outdated seashell print.  The window was a rolled out window, large and boxed that made the space seem much smaller.

We added the tile, put up a new curtain, finished the trim and added….

Drum roll please…

A brand new mirror, a brand new sink with cabinetry, and a brand new light fixture.

The fixture was purchased at a discounted price of $35 dollars.  Always check at Lowe’s or your local hardware store at the clearance and marked down items.  I will take a picture with the lights off so that you can see the fixture better.  It is a beautiful and nice touch to the room.

The mirror was also purchased at a discount price and adds some real country and beach charm to the small bathroom.

The red colors of the bathroom really bring out the youth the house can have.  Some of you might notice that these come from Wal-Mart.  You’d be correct. I don’t believe in buying designer furnishings when a perfectly amazing look can come from discounted items.  If you have the money to spend, go for it.  I don’t! Ha!

With the trim complete, and the bathroom finished we can move onto our other agendas!  However, here is some advice on finishing up a room with caulk and trim.

When working with caulk to finishing corners and edgings use a caulk scraper.  We got ours at Lowe’s for around $2.  It is a rubber cornered shape tool that fits into any groove and removes excess caulk from the walls and trim.  Use it directly after you caulk a piece so that the caulk doesn’t dry.  If that happens you’ll have some serious fixing on your end.

As always, look at the Flickr to the left there for more pictures and stories.  Dad finally uses directions, I change a door handle, and mom cleans up some drywall while cursing over spilled beer!

See you next time!


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