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Inspiration Piece

The struggle of nearly every college age student is finding a place to live after they leave their comfortable dorm with their pockets full of IOU slips for their university.  They need a place that is somewhat safe, very affordable, and with a good location.  Some are lucky to leave college and stand on their own two feet immediately.  Some are lucky to have family to rely on for a place to stay.

I am lucky in a different way.  I have my family for the stability but they’ve given me much more than a dingy basement to inhabit and dress over as a swingin’ college pad.  I am moving into my semester of student teaching.  This means that I still belong to my University and I pay to go to school- however, I am not learning from other teachers anymore.  I am doing the teaching and for no pay.  I get a diploma, a pat on the back, and a teaching certificate if all goes well.

With this future ahead of my I need a place that is comfortable, functional, and roomy.  I need a place that screams my potential but allows me to be close to home.  This is where our story begins.

Late last year my grandmother passed away.  She lived in the oldest part of  the house ever since I was little.  However, the unique thing about Nana is the house did not define her.  What is in there isn’t who she was and even though I still feel her when I go over there, it isn’t as “creepy” as some of you might think.  It is comforting to know that this is what she would want.  She’d never let dad, mom, or anyone else over there to mess with the house or do any remodeling.  Now she would want to give back.  So, thank you Nana for this opportunity.

In honor of her, I have kept a few trinkets that trigger some fond memories and I will be showcasing them in the house.


The house I have taken on is, as I said, the oldest part of the house.  80 years old.  Four rooms that make a circle, a bathroom, and a mud room make up this very small part.  It is the original part of our large house.  I’ll take pictures to put it into perspective.


My goal is to completely renovate the house and give it a fresh and new look that is functional, safe, and affordable.  I cannot do this without the help of my loving parents and anyone else who breaks a sweat cutting boards, landscaping some lawn, and tiling some floors.


What should you expect reading this blog? Expect to get some fun and affordable do it yourself tips, hints, and tricks.  Expect to be entertained, upset, and bored.  I am going to document every step of the way.


Wish me luck!


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